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We offer a wide range of commercial tree care services for all your property’s needs. From tree planting to tree maintenance, we’re here to help!


A residential and commercial tree trimming company in Oklahoma City & surrounding areas. Offering affordable tree pruning services in the OKC metro area.

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Tree Trimming clears the way for more growth and is a very important service consisting of many different elements. Contact us today to keep your trees healthy.

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We offer a wide variety of tree services in your city. We will take care of all your residential tree service needs at affordable prices. Contact us today.

Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres

Are you searching for Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres? Are you tired of dealing with trees that look like they belong in a horror movie? Let us help you bring your yard back to life with our top-notch tree services Oklahoma City! Whether you need a little trimming and pruning to tidy things up or a full-blown tree removal to get rid of that creepy old oak, we’ve got you covered. And when it comes to those stubborn stumps that just won’t seem to go away, our stump grinding team will have them grinding their teeth – in frustration, that is! So don’t let your trees scare off the neighbors – give us a call and let us bring your yard back from the dead. We really are the best choice that Oklahoma City have to offer in meeting your tree care needs. We handle all kinds of tree services. Whether it is full tree removal or trimming, fertilizing, and caring for the trees you love, our trained experts are here for you. We serve Oklahoma City and all of its surrounding area as well as all the other surrounding cities and towns. Stop searching for Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres and contact us today.
Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres

Importance of Tree Removal Services

Safety Hazard Mitigation:

Tree removal is crucial for eliminating safety hazards posed by overgrown or damaged trees. Weak branches or diseased trees can pose significant risks during storms, potentially causing damage to structures or posing threats to people and vehicles. Timely removal mitigates these risks, ensuring the safety of the property and its occupants.

Disease Prevention and Control:

Removing infected or diseased trees is vital to prevent the spread of diseases to surrounding vegetation. Infected trees can serve as sources of pests and diseases, compromising the overall health of the landscape. Tree removal acts as a proactive measure, protecting the well-being of neighboring plants and trees

Property Aesthetics:

Unwanted or hazardous trees can detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. Tree removal services allow for the elimination of such trees, creating space for more visually pleasing landscaping. This enhances the property’s curb appeal and contributes to a well-maintained and attractive environment.

Preventing Structural Damage:

Invasive tree roots can cause significant damage to building foundations, sidewalks, and underground utilities. Tree removal helps prevent such structural damage, ensuring the longevity and integrity of property infrastructure. This proactive measure saves property owners from costly repairs and disruptions.

Facilitating Landscaping Goals:

Property owners often have specific landscaping goals or visions for their outdoor spaces. Tree Service Warr Acres enables the realization of these goals by clearing space, reshaping the landscape, and aligning with the desired aesthetic. This flexibility allows for the creation of functional and visually appealing outdoor environments.

Preserving Biodiversity:

Removing invasive tree species contributes to preserving biodiversity by preventing them from outcompeting native vegetation. This action ensures a balanced ecosystem, protecting the natural harmony of the environment. Tree removal in Warr Acres, when done responsibly, play a role in maintaining a diverse and sustainable ecological system.

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“Thomas is awesome – knowledgeable, professional! His crew was efficient and detailed. We appreciated the way they troubleshooted problem areas and designed solutions that prioritized the safety of our kids.
We are so satisfied with the value and workmanship that we plan to rehire them for more work. We highly recommend their Tree Services Oklahoma City!”
John M.


The Transformational Impact of Tree Removal

Beyond safety and disease control, Tree Removal Service in Warr Acres can significantly transform your property. Overgrown trees overshadowing your landscape can be replaced with carefully selected, more suitable species. This not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures a thriving, healthy environment.

Beautifying Landscapes with Precision Tree Trimming

Eden Tree Company’s precision tree trimming services go beyond mere maintenance. They shape trees to promote healthy growth, improving overall tree structure and longevity. Beauty meets functionality with our professional touch.

Why Choose Eden Tree Company?

Experienced Arborists:  Our team brings years of expertise to every project

State-of-the-art equipment: Equipped with the latest tools for efficient and safe tree care.

Emphasis on Safety: Prioritizing safety in every project to protect both property and personnel.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Eden Tree Company stands behind the quality of its services.

The Consequences of Ignoring Tree Removal Services Piedmont:

Choosing to neglect tree removal services in Warr Acres can result in various undesirable consequences:

Safety Hazards:

Overgrown or damaged trees can pose significant safety risks during storms, risking damage to structures and endangering lives.

Disease Spread:

Infected trees can serve as breeding grounds for pests and diseases, spreading to other vegetation on your property.

Structural Damage:

Invasive tree roots can damage foundations, sidewalks, and underground utilities, leading to costly structural repairs.


Aesthetic Decline:

Unwanted or hazardous trees can detract from the overall beauty of your property, diminishing its curb appeal.


Limited Sunlight and Airflow:

Overcrowded tree canopies limit sunlight penetration and air circulation, negatively impacting the health of trees and surrounding plants.


Potential Legal Liability:

Property owners can be held liable for damages caused by falling trees or branches, emphasizing the importance of regular tree inspections and maintenance.


Don’t Let Your Trees Scare Off the Neighbors Contact Us Today:

We understand the importance of a well-maintained and beautiful yard. Don’t let your trees become a source of concern for you or your neighbors. Instead, give us a call, and we’ll bring your yard back from the dead, ensuring it becomes a source of pride in your community.

Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a tree care company, be sure to keep these considerations in mind.You have to look at the COST and compare it with what other companies are charging before deciding. You should also find out more about them by looking at their warranties.
The safest option would be to leave tree removal work to professionals. If not done properly, it can cause damage to your property and carry various risks. Removal of trees can be problematic for your home if it alters the stability of the foundation. Tree removal can damage power lines, so it’s important to be careful about where you cut during and after the job. The risk of electrocution is also significant. To remove a tree, start from the top- cutting the branches first, followed by the trunk. Climbing up could be risky & is likely to result in injury. Cutting down a tree can be quite chaotic. It’s important to know beforehand which way it will fall and avoid any objects like power lines or houses because of the possible fall trajectory that could result in serious damages. Stop searching for Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres and contact us today.
The cost of cutting down a tree depends on the size. Cutting down a 25-foot tall tree could cost anywhere around $150 to $600 or so (depending on several variables), while removing one longer that is between 20 feet and 80 feet in height would be around $300 to $1100 plus. It would typically cost around $1500 or so to have it removed completely.
Trees are just like any other living organism, they can get sick and die. We have to work hard to look after them. As arborists, we know a lot about trees. Whether it’s when or what branches or limbs should be trimmed in order to promote root growth for healthier trees. Furthermore, our expertise ensures the tree is safe, people and the environment are protected, and that the trees stands to continue thriving.
It will depend on your shrubs. If they have flowers, then you may need to trim or prune them after the blooming time. With that timeframe, the shrub should be perfect for blooming again. If not, it would take place best during late winter or early spring- ie: March and April. It would be best if you avoided any trimming in late summer- August or early September. Pruning your shrubs in the fall will help them survive harsh winters, and will keep them healthy. Stop searching for Affordable Tree Service Warr Acres and contact us today.

Efficient Stump Grinding and Complete Stump Removal

Unsightly stumps can be more than just eyesores; they can pose safety risks. Eden Tree Company’s efficient stump grinding and complete removal services ensure a clean, level surface.

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